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Title Poet/Lyricist Voicing/Instrumentation Level
Although the Wind
Haunting setting of this inviting text by renowned poet, Izumi Shikibu
Izumi Shikibu, translated by Jane Hirshfield SSAA, a cappella Moderate
Bluets Maggie Nelson SSAA, guitar, bass and percussion Mod-Advanced
Using a variety of Broadway musical styles, this upbeat piece questions societal boxes while dreaming a world in which we are all free to be who we're meant to be
Catherine Dalton SSAA and piano Moderate
Fly with Me
Floating melodies highlight lyrics from the point of view of spirit, asking us to join in the dance
Catherine Dalton

Solo voice and piano
SSA, piano

From the State of Emptiness
A chant of mindfulness. Appropriate for an anthem or centering ritual. Incorporates harmonic overtone singing.
Catherine Dalton

SATB, suspended cymbal and frame drum
SSAA, suspended cymbal, frame drum, and cello

My Box
A “Dr. Seuss- style” setting of a whimsical poem about all the things an empty box could hold.
Lauren Dalton

SA, piano

Praise Gaia
A jubilant celebration of all life with exciting rhythms and grounding chants
Catherine Dalton SATB a cappella Moderate
She Rises
A jubilant celebration of energy
Catherine Dalton

SSAA double choir, a cappella

TTBB double choir, a cappella

Sweet Radiant Mystery
A beautiful melody serves as the basis of this meditative chant which evolves into an ethereal canon
Catherine Dalton

Four part chant for equal voices or mixed choir and piano or handbells

The Blue Coat
from Bluets
Nelson/Stein/Goethe SSAA, guitar, bass and percussion Available Summer 2017
The Path You Walk Upon
A Celtic-style blessing which uses nature as a guide, combining timeless harmonies and melodies
Catherine Dalton

SATB choir, piano and violin

SSA, piano, violin

SA, piano

We Don't Get To Choose (What Or Whom We Love)
A love song to the color blue
Maggie Nelson SSAA, a cappella Mod-Advanced
Whether the Weather
A fanciful song about the the weather and whether we like it or not
Anonymous British Rhyme SSAA, a cappella Moderate

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