Silent Tears


Catherine Dalton


Item Voicing Media Price
HSP-201-01 Solo Voice and piano
digital download
Solo Voice and piano $3.00


Silent Tears

Early in the morning,
darkness hides our secret.
Bundled against the cold,
I walk with silent tears.

Under this tree I’ll leave her,
my little bird.
I gave her a name.
I pinned it underneath her blankets.

I must leave quickly
or be found myself.
I cannot move.

What will her life be like?
Who will make her smile?
Who will help her dance and fly?
My bird.

Early in the morning,
darkness hides our secret.


* Catherine Dalton, soprano; Mindy Eschedor, piano (Minneapolis) - World Premiere

Naomi Karstad, soprano; Carol Caoutte, piano (St. Paul)

Janice Porter, soprano; Gregory Theisen, piano(Minneapolis and St. Anthony, MN)

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