One Mind, One Heart


Lee Her and Kristin Maier

Based upon a timeless Hmong parable, originally heard by Her as a young boy in Laos, One Mind, One Heart speaks of the importance of working together. Her recalls his father always talking about the importance of family. During my time at Community of Peace Academy, I found that the students and teachers also take this idea to heart and everyone is family.

Commissioned by: 

Community of Peace Academy High School Choir, John Sorlien, director and Lee Her, assistant director


Community of Peace Academy's Academy Choir, John Sorlien, director


Item Voicing Media Price
HSP-107-01 SATB, claves, small gong and hand drum $2.25
digital download
SATB, claves, small gong and hand drum $1.35


One Mind, One Heart

Did you hear about the children and the bundle of sticks?

Long, long ago near the Dlej Dlaag river lived a king with seven sons and daughters.
The king bid his children,"Go into the woods and fetch a bamboo stick."
When the children returned, the king said, "Break your sticks. Break each one of those sticks."
And seven bamboo sticks were easily broken. 

Then the father showed his children seven bamboo sticks tied together saying,

"Now break these sticks, break this bundle of sticks." 

The oldest son came forward, proud and strong.
He took the bundle of sticks.
Then with a "Huh" and a "Hoh" and a "Hah," he tried to break the sticks.
But the bundle of sticks couls not be broken.
Not even a crack. 

A daughter now came forward, skilled in martial arts.
She focused her mind and her chi.
Then with a "Huh" and a "Hoh" and a "Hah," she tried to break the sticks.
But the bundle of sticks couls not be broken.
Not even a crack. 

Then the youngest children cried, "If we work together, we'll break this bundle of sticks."
A sister held one end and a brother held the other and three jumped right in the middle of the sticks...

Then the king gathered his children near, saying, "Listen, listen with your ear.
I am getting old. When I am gone, if you stand together,
one mind, one heart, like this bundle of sticks, you will be strong."
Did you hear about the children?
Seven sticks together, could not be bent, could not be broken. 

One mind, one heart, one bundle of sticks.
We will stand strong together.
One mind, one heart, belief in each other.
We will stand strong forever.


*Community of Peace Academy, John Sorlien, conductor (St. Paul) - World Premiere, see video above

Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg Choir, Peter John Buchan, conductor (Winnipeg)

Voices Rising Community Chorus, Ruth Lewis, conductor (Gainsville, FL)



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