My Box


Lauren Dalton

A “Dr. Seuss- style” setting of a whimsical poem about all the things an empty box could hold.


Item Voicing Media Price
HSP-102-02 SA choir and piano
digital download
SA choir and piano $1.20


My Box

I had a box with nothing in it.
“Hey,” I said to myself. “I’ll put something in it!”
So I thought of some things to put in my box.
A sock, a shoe, an eraser too.
An ice cream cone and a chewed-up bone.

A bell that would not ring,
a diary with no words,
a pen with no ink.

A banana peel,
an apple core,
a fish hook,
a red candy cane
and a blue caribou.

So I sat there with my box and had nothing to do


Program Notes: 

When asked by Brett Smith, director of O. H. Anderson’s 5th grade choir, to write a piece for their spring concert, I could not help but imagine setting my daughter’s whimsical poem (she also sang in the choir). I wanted to bring the poem to life using a variety of musical styles that would be fun for the students to sing.

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