Magnolia Trees


Vikram Seth
Seth's tranquil scene is highlighted by a floating tenor voice and text painting by the piano


Item Voicing Media Price
HSP-207-01 Solo voice and piano $5.00
digital download
Solo voice and piano $3.00


Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees float out their flowers,
Vast, soft, upon the rubbish heap.
The grandfather sits still for hours:
His lap-held grandson is asleep.
Above him plane trees fan the sky.
Nearby, a man in muted dance
Does t’ai-qu-quan. A butterfly
Flies whitely past his easy trance.
A magpie flaps back to its pine.
A sparrow dust-rolls, fluffs, and cheeps.
The humans rest in a design:
One writes, one thinks, one moves, one sleeps.
The leaves trace out the stenciled stone,
And each is in his dream alone.


Jeffery Hess, tenor; Elizabeth Alexander, piano, Studio Z (St. Paul, MN)

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